Recycled Plastic Compact, Fast Drying XL Pet Towel- Azure Blue

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We are suer excited to be the first in the UK to bring you a fast drying, compact, hair, sand and dirt resistant pet towel made from recycled plastic bottles! We are passionate about cleaning up the oceans and creating more sustainable products which is why our 'for pets' collection is made from GRS Certified Recycled polyester. We bring only the best for your beloved furry friends which is why our towels are not only luxuriously soft, they are perfect for everything from dogs to horses. Whether its to clean mud, dirt or sand from your dog after a walk or used to wipe away sweat after exercising your horse our towels have millions of uses! Made from a unique microfiber blend to provide maximum absorbancy and be exceptionally fast drying.

One of our favourite features however is that they are PET HAIR RESISTANT, meaning any animal hair does not get embedded in the fibres of the towel as would happen with a regular towel. Instead the hair shakes straight off! 

Weighing only 330g it is so small it would fit in your handbag!

  • PET HAIR RESISTANT- shakes straight off and doesnt embed in fibres
  • GRS Certified
  • Perfect for bathing your pets!
  • Sustainable & Eco Friendly- made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Fast drying- 5 X faster than a regular towel!
  • Compact and lightweight- perfect whatever the adventure
  • Super absorbent- holds 2 X its weight in water!
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Odour free- doesn't collect damp smells
  • (88% GRS Recycled polyester, 12% polyamide)
  • Dimensions: 80x160cm (XL)
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees