Each year, the dumping of large amounts of plastics in the ocean wreak havoc on marine life. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year for use in a wide variety of products, with at least 9 million tonnes ending up in our oceans. This makes up 80% of all marine debris killing and injuring a variety of marine spices, birds and other animals as they are ingested or entangled. Plastics are also very toxic and take over 1000 years to break down, which threatens food safety as it makes its way into the food chain.

Recycling Polyester

Being based on the South Coast (Hampshire/Dorset border) and being blessed with such stunning and picturesque  stretches of coastline we wanted to take a stand and do our bit to make a difference. We therefore make as many products as we can from recycled plastic, creating a demand for post consumer plastics and keeping them out of landfill and the oceans. We also use on average 25-35% from ocean/beach clean up operations to help get rid of existing plastic floating around and washed up on beaches. Our towels are made from approximately 20 recycled plastic bottles and we are so excited to have just launched our collection of luxury men's swim shorts made from 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES (approximately 10 bottles)! That's right, we know what you're thinking....plastic never looked so good!

Our products are also GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certified, meaning the entire production process from start to finish is ethical and sustainable. 

The Process

  1. The recycled plastic bottles are sterilized, dried, and crushed into small chips (not the kind you can eat).
  2. The chips are heated and passed through a spinner to form strings of yarn.
  3. This yarn is wound up in spools, kind of like your nan’s sewing thread reels.
  4. This yarn is then woven into the material that is anti-microbial, sand free, absorbent, and rapid drying.
  5. Our signature artwork is finally digitally printed onto the beach towels. Digital printing positively impacts the environment by reducing waste and harmful by-products that are prevalent in traditional printing methods.

For the sake of future generations and our children we must do something about this to preserve our beautiful planet and all of the wonderful creatures that we share it with.

Every item you purchase has an impact. Lets make sure its a positive one!